Host Churches

If you are planning on being a Host Church for 3MT, below are the responsibilities that we ask of you.

On Sunday morning, the crews that you are hosting will attend your church for morning worship.

After worship you will serve the crews lunch.  We suggest a time of fellowship with your entire church at this time.

After church, we would like some host church representatives to take the crews on a tour of the area and specifically each work project.  At this time please introduce the crew members to the homeowners.

Sunday night we will have  a community worship service at the California United Church of Christ at 7:00pm and we encourage the host churches to come and worship with us.

Each day Monday-Friday the host churches are asked to feed your work crews lunch at your church.

On each work site we ask that you have at least one adult that can be in charge of the service work.  We will have adults that are in charge of supervising the teenagers but we do need a local person to assist in the leadership of the project.

Monday-Friday nights we will be having worship services held at 7:00 pm at the California United Church of Christ.  Please communicate to all members that they are encouraged to attend.

Please keep in mind that we try not to have teenagers on anything higher than a stepladder.  We have tried very hard to limit our heights to one-story homes.  We must always think safety first.